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The Magic Reef

Our family-owned cottages are located along the tranquil shores of Ushongo, just south of Pangani. This quiet beach village is the perfect place for those looking for something off the beaten track or in search of an untouched stretch of beach, away from the hustle and bustle of Zanzibar. 

The Magic Reef is situated on the Northern Tanzanian coast a 6 hours drive south of Mombasa, Kenya and 5 hours drive north of Dar es Salaam. The Magic Reef is approximately 15 km south of the Pangani River in the Tanga Region. Situated in a beautiful bay where the gentle tide allows for all day swimming, you can relax in the comfort of your own Magic Reef cottage and enjoy the local, unspoilt sight of the fishing dhows going out at dawn, the children making their way up the beach to school and many local sites and activities.

Amenities & Services

 3 beachfront self-catering cottages

Fully equipped kitchen

BBQ and Pizza Oven


24-hour staff

Private cook available 

Activities and transfers available on request

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